Hurstville Tutor

Hurstville is a privately owned local tuition  centre  dedicated to teaching students from Primary to HSC, IELTS, PTE Pearson Test of English, VISA and Academic,  is taught at our centre. For over 20 years we have achieved great success for all our students because we care about proper teaching methods and getting the best results for all our students. Our tutor have years experience teaching in NSW schools including Selective High Schools, TAFE  and University.  Our tutors have authored several books and exams  for NSW schools and have written courses  in English, Maths, Science and Chemistry.

Our success is based on teaching the fundamentals of English, Maths and Science. We produce well-rounded students who love learning and who can communicate with their peers as well as adults. We have produced many  leading professionals including teachers, journalists, doctors, lawyers, scientists, writers, dentists and accountants.

Our first session is a diagnostic test in Writing, Comprehension and  Maths, which is free of charge and  lets you  know  at what level your child is operating academically.

At Hurstville tutor, we  teach traditional English Grammar ,Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Law, Legal Studies and have an extensive academic  library of  over 1500 volumes, which also  includes   Selective Schools and Scholarship tests  by ACER, HSC  exams  and actual school exams.

Our tutors establish a beneficial  teacher-student rapport  and  are always ready to upgrade the results of all our  hard-working students. Homework is marked, graded and rewarded  every week. A weekly update report of each student’s progress is always available, as well as practice test papers’ results. All our tutors are the best teachers  in Sydney.

Results for 2017 for HSC and Selective Tests were 99% successful and all IELTS and PTE students got VISAs.

Ring 0422 038 011 for a free assessment, today.