Primary School Students

Primary school studentsPrimary School students learn Maths, English, traditional grammar and comprehension skills, as well as, figurative language, reading, biography, report writing techniques and  poetry.  Students  learn to interpret a wide range of texts. These are the essential keys  to learning and academic success. We teach students Persuasive essays, Creative and letter writing skills as well as Recounts and  Media Studies, for example TV, newspapers  and the Internet using Apple Macs.

Our lessons, for Primary students are accompanied by academic notes  from  textbooks supplied by the tutors. We supply information and worked solutions for all problem solving in Mathematics and exam samples.

Mathematics is taught at Advanced levels as well as from the Basics such as Addition, Multiplication, Division and Subtraction and fractions, percentages and problem solving.

Our tutors  give support and encouragement which aim to instil a love of learning and finding solutions to academic as well as real  life problems.Our students learn to be responsive and responsible for high level work and this usually leads to greater results in confidence and exam marks. Our students carry to adulthood  a commitment to learning and to achieve in their chosen vocations.

Please ring 0422 038 011 for an assessment.